Gülhane Park, one of the unique gardens of Topkapı Palace, has become a place where residents of the city run to fulfill their longing for fresh air, shade of trees and colorful flowers as a result of a series of arrangements and restorations it has undergone. In the park, which is one of the most precious jewels of Istanbul, you can catch the day thanks to its past with monuments such as the Goths Column from ancient times and tea gardens with beautiful views.

Gulhane Park, with its 100 thousand square meters area, offers its visitors the most beautiful photo frames during the Tulip Festival in April. The busiest time is during the concerts and other activities held here during the summer. In winter and spring, it is possible to observe the nests of ash heron birds among bare tree branches. Among the monuments you can see in the park are the Roman Cistern from the first half of the 4th century and the St Paul's Orphanage from the 6th century, which has not survived in good conditions. The orphanage hosted the University of Constantinople in the 13th century. Except for those adjacent to the walls surrounding the park, when you follow the tramway towards Eminönü, very valuable monuments and artifacts are encountered.

The column of the Goths

Inside the park, on the hill overlooking Sarayburnu, it attracts attention with its 15 meters high Corinthian style cap. According to the Byzantine historian Nicephorus Gregoras, there was once a statue of Byzas, the founder of Byzantine, on the column. The barely read "in memory of those who returned after victory over the Goths" on the pedestal is confusing, and it is unclear whether this column was erected for Claudius Gothicus II, one of the two emperors who both defeated the Goths, or for the founder of the city, Constantine the Great.

Islamic Science and Technology History Museum

The museum, which was opened to visitors as a result of the restoration of the unique stables from the Ottoman period, appeals to special interests and includes departments such as music, shipping, medicine, zoology and architecture, but also offers good examples for those who want to learn about the achievements of the Islamic world in history. Many of the works on display are unfortunately copies of originals found in foreign museums today. Some of them were made in accordance with the original, taking into account the surviving depictions. However, it is possible to come across very nice musical instruments.

**Sarayburnu - Ataturk Statue**

If you enter the Soğukçeşme Gate and walk to the end of the park, you will encounter Sarayburnu. Here, you can also see the first erected a statue of Ataturk in Turkey.


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