Perge Ancient City

Perge, once the capital of Pamphylia, is an ancient city located 18 km east of Antalya, within the Aksu district's borders.

10 Great Turkey Road Trips

Self drive Turkey tours are slowly becoming more popular and here are our 10 best Turkey drives if you are planning to drive on your own...

The Theatre of Aspendos

A major site for those spending couple of days near Antalya. Visit the best preserved ancient theatre in Turkey and take fun pictures with the ancient warriors.

A Hidden spot; Sapadere Canyon

What an amazing place it was. Are you deciding to spend a couple of days near Alanya / Antalya? Definitely pay a visit to Sapadere!

Angkor Wat of Turkey; Termessos

One of the two cities of Anatolia that didn't surrender to Alexander The Great who paid the price by losing her famous olive trees.

Antalya Archaeological Museum

Did you know the Hercules Statue in Antalya Archeological Museum is one of the world's most well-traveled artifacts?

Chimera in Cirali, Antalya

Chimera is separated from many places with its atmosphere. If you want to experience an extraordinary activity, visit Yanartaş at sunset.

Olympos Ancient City

Olympos ancient city lies on a narrow gorge underneath the legendary Olympos Mountain where Olympiade Fire was lit by the Ancient Greeks…

Karain Cave

Karain Cave was inhabited by people two hundred thousand years ago and more importantly, protected its importance during the Greek colonization...


With an average of 10 months of sunny days, Kalkan is an unspoiled fishing town on the southwestern coast of Turkey neighboring ancient cities and beaches…

Capital of Lycia; Patara

The ancient city of Patara is surrounded by Patara beach, desert-like sand dunes, and forest-like greenery which is a matchless landscape to see in Turkey…

Cirali Town

Cirali is one of the famous holiday resorts in Antalya. Many local and foreign tourists visit this place every year due to the sea's beauty and its historical beauties.