Bursa; The Green City

Bursa is an industrial and agricultural hub located stone throw away from Istanbul. Her history and culture will be among the highlights of your Turkey trip...

Uludag - Turkey's Winter Sports Center

Uludag, the highest mountain in North-Western Anatolia, was declared a National Park in 1961, is Turkey's most significant winter and nature sports center.

The Grand Mosque - Bursa

Bursa Grand Mosque, built by Yıldırım Bayezid (Ottoman Emperor), is one of the most important mosques in the Republic of Turkey.

Green Mosque – Bursa

Green Mosque of Bursa is surrounded by the jewels of the Turkish architecture embellishing the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Green Tomb - Bursa

Ex capital of the Ottoman Empire Bursa houses the best examples of Turkish Islamic Architecture such as the tomb of Sultan Mehmed I Celebi...

Historical Markets of Bursa

Ottoman Empire built many hans to Bursa City after declaring it their capital to boost the trade of their state located on the Silk and the Spice Routes.

Cumalikizik Village – Bursa

Cumalikizik village is among the most well preserved Ottoman villages embellished with the best civil architecture examples of its era.

Aktopraklik Open Air Museum

The 8500-year-old ancient site Aktopraklik is the biggest archaeological park in Europe illuminating the history of Bursa...