Alaeddin Mosque in Konya

It is a beautiful mosque that cannot be explained in languages and cannot be written with pencils. Highly recommended for a visit.

Konya - The Footprints of Mevlana

With its thousands of years of history, cultural texture, wise names who lived there, and cuisine, Konya is definitely worth to visit.

10 Great Turkey Road Trips

Self drive Turkey tours are slowly becoming more popular and here are our 10 best Turkey drives if you are planning to drive on your own...

Rumi; a Life devoted to the love of God

Come, whoever you are, Wanderer, idolater, worshiper of fire, Come even though you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come and come yet again

Esrefoglu Mosque

Esrefoglu Mosque is a hidden gem to be seen on the way to Antalya from Konya at Beysehir city. Wooden pillars and tiles are phenomenal pieces of Seljukian Art.

Karatay Madrasa

Karatay Madrasa is one of the great examples of Seljukian architecture and embellished with the best tiles of its era…


UNESCO Heritage Site Catalhoyuk was the biggest city in the world 9000 years ago with approximately 8000 people at its peak!