Sustainable & Responsible Tourism

Would you like to make a difference while you are traveling?

Sustainable tourism is an act of visiting a place and doing one’s best to contribute to the society, economy and the environment. There is a big consensus among Turkish tourism professionals that tourism development should be sustainable, and we at Turkey Tour Organizer (by AND Travel Consulting) agree. We wanted to start doing something for the future of our country before we think about our company and ourselves. Here is our proposal…

Turkey Tour Organizer will arrange free walks under the full moon on the dates stated below to help you contribute to the large and small charitable foundations in Turkey. Turkey Tour Organizer will cover the tour costs, such as guiding, transportation from/to hotels and small treats offered by your guide. All that is expected in return will be your donation -- as much (or little) as you wish -- to the foundations such as TEMA, LOSEV, TEV and DARULACEZE. By joining one of the walks listed below, you will be helping the people in need in Turkey.

We will pick you up at 9:00 pm from your hotel and you will be dropped back to your hotel roughly 3 hours later. We will walk in the Red and Rose valleys of Cappadocia together with the other participants and there will be a short break for treats while enjoying the spectacular landscape of Cappadocia glowing under the moonlight.

2021 dates will be published in January, 2021 but don't hesitate to contact us to sign up in advance to one of our full moon walks.

Erkan Dulger & Kadir Akin