• Be a hot air balloon crew
  • See the man made caves from up above
  • Discover Cappadocia from a different angle
  • Float over the fairy chimneys
  • Fly over a spectacular landscape

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Turkey offers a great variety of outdoor activities to tourists. Especially Hot air Ballooning has become the most popular outdoor activity of Turkey for the last decade. In fact, hot air ballooning is the most pictured and shared activity in the world. Did you know that a sunrise hot air balloon flight exceeded the skyline of New York? Here is how.

Basics of Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air ballooning has never been a popular means of transportation. The hot air balloons were used for advertisement in big cities and for sightseeing tours in different parts of the world. It has started because of the same reason here in Cappadocia and today, thousands of tourists only come to the Cappadocia region for this unique experience.

Hot air balloon flights of Cappadocia are unique because of the shallow flights that can be conducted over the poetic landscape of the Cappadocia region. The volcanic landscape of Cappadocia attracts millions of tourists every year and most of them take balloon flights to appreciate this natural beauty from a totally different perspective.

The hot air balloon basket is attached to a basket in which the passengers stand. Propane gas is used as fuel and burners keep the air in the balloon hot for a smooth flight. Your pilot can control the elevation of the balloon and rotate it during the flight and they are experienced enough for a very safe landing.

They fly early in the morning because of the balmy winds of the Cappadocia region during the sunrise. You are becoming a part of the wind so not getting cold even in the middle of the winter during the flight. Right after taking off, Cappadocia slowly starts amazing you and you land after falling in love with this lunar landscape.

Ideal Time

Whole year is convenient for hot air balloon flights in Cappadocia. Flights are only cancelled because of strong winds which are unusual in Cappadocia. They only fly very early in the morning for safety since the lower and upper winds are more stable until 8 am in the morning.

The poetic landscape of Cappadocia, gloriously bathed in the early morning light contributes a lot to taking stunning photos.

Hot air balloons can fly with light rain but they don’t take off during the rain. The rain wets the balloon and makes it heavier. A heavy balloon is harder to navigate which prevents the hot air balloon pilots from taking off if rain is expected.

Ballooning Tips

You should dress considering the season and be convenient for outdoor activity. You are not going to hike or walk a lot but since you will take off and land into the grass, it is better to wear convenient shoes.

The weather gets colder as you ascend but the limit of altitude for hot air balloons in Cappadocia is not very different from the ground. It is better to have a light jacket with you that you can always take off.

Why Book With Us?

Navigation of a hot air balloon is not like a plane. The pilots can only go up and down and also rotate the balloon around itself. So it is quite easy to take off in calm weather, fly and land in an open space. Cappadocia region is world-famous thanks to the natural formations and people pay a lot of money to discover it from a different angle. Staying over the natural park, floating through the valleys, picking fruits from the trees, and passing by the fairy chimneys requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the seasonal lower winds. We know the pilots with this background and experience and will make sure to book a place with one of them.

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  • Paragliding in Fethiye, Oludeniz
  • Paragliding in Fethiye, Oludeniz
  • Paragliding in Black Sea, Turkey
  • Paragliding in Fethiye, Oludeniz

Air Sports

Hot air ballooning comes to a tourist's mind if they are going to travel to Turkey. However, because of the location of our country and the convenient geography, there are many alternatives to air sports in Anatolia. Paragliding is very popular in Turkey and there are many clubs in different cities. Sky diving is slowly becoming popular and more and more people are trying to sign up to the small aviation clubs to learn sky diving which is a real adrenaline source. We gathered some information about the most popular air sports destinations in Turkey.


Babadag (Mount Baba) is located out of the bustling cruising port of the turquoise waters; Fethiye. Thousands of tourists prefer Fethiye port to sail to the Aegean waters while thousands are just enjoying the small hotels located around the National park of Oludeniz (Dead Sea). Babadag is very close to this popular tourist destination which continuously supplies clients to the many paragliding clubs in Fethiye. Especially in summer, the number of paragliders increases coming from all over the world and it is a beautiful experience to fly or watch them fly.


Pamukkale town nearby Denizli attracts thousands of tourists throughout the year as well. It is world-famous and UNESCO-registered because of the Hierapolis ancient city and the white cotton-like travertines covering the slopes of the hill where the ruins are standing. The combination of the biggest white travertines in Turkey and one of the biggest ancient cities lying right next to it encouraged people to fly over it and paragliding became very popular in Pamukkale. You are able to see the combination of nature and history during your flight and will take amazing pictures of both attractions.

Ankara - Golbasi

Ankara is the capital of Turkey located in the middle of the country. There are various clubs from mountain climbing to kayaking and most of them are within the respected universities of Turkey. Golbasi is a small city located in the south of the city and there is a paragliding club there which is very good for beginners and the club trains a lot of people during the course of the year. You might be visiting Ankara for a meeting so a paragliding break will be the highlight of your stay in Ankara city.


Hot air ballooning is a big industry in Cappadocia that you can easily book and experience. It does not require any training or certificates but if you are seeking some more adrenaline, the slopes of the mighty Erciyes volcanic mountain awaits you. It is the tallest volcanic mountain in the Cappadocia region and it is responsible for the volcanic nature of the area. Since it is standing like a high rise in the middle of the central Anatolian plate, the mountain has a lot of slopes convenient for paragliding. Winds are not always convenient for scenic paragliding in the center of Cappadocia but Erciyes mountain gives the alternative flight experience with spectacular views of the center of Anatolia accompanied by the volcanic mountain itself.

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  • Turkish Spices
  • Turkish Spices
  • Turkish Ravioli
  • Turkish Spices
  • Turkish Grocery

Cooking Class

The kitchen of a country is full of stories. Food is among the most significant one among the traditions of a certain region. With a brief search of a country’s cooking habits, you can learn a lot about their history; where they came from and who they actually are. Anatolians today living within the borders of The Republic of Turkey are now living in a kitchen that is a mixture of millenniums and civilizations. Ingredients used in today's Turkish Kitchen have traveled into Anatolia centuries ago and the development of the kitchen continues because the kitchen is like a language and will keep growing as you use it. The ancient communities from Hittites to Lydians, Greeks to Armenians have contributed to the kitchen of Anatolia which tourists love during their travels. As TurkeyTourOrganizer, we invite you to a little journey into the history of the Turkish Kitchen and Anatolia.

All our tours start with a breakfast at the hotel but we recommend a very light breakfast this time since today, you will pamper yourself with the delicious food of Anatolia. We will meet you at your hotel in Cappadocia in the advised time for your Cooking Class Experience with us.

Town markets are among the best places where you can meet with the local people of the country you’re traveling to. Our town markets especially in rural areas are very attractive, especially in summer. You will first visit a town market, will choose the ingredients on your own about what you would like to eat. After satisfying your eyes in the market, we will continue to our house for a hands-on cooking class activity.

When at home, with the assistance of one of our local chefs, you will start peeling, washing, cutting; everything necessary for preparing your desired food. We will talk about the traditions of Anatolia and the local people of Cappadocia during the preparations. There is an opportunity to try the Turkish coffee as well during the process and then we will sit around the table to eat what you have accomplished.

We will continue with a cup of black tea which is the water of the Turkish people. It is time to say goodbye then and we will drop you at your hotel.

Please CONTACT US for booking this unique experience.

Cooking class with TurkeyTourOrganizer in Cappadocia takes almost a day but don’t worry if you don’t have enough time for this experience. We also arrange only LUNCH or only DINNER experiences with local people in Cappadocia which takes 3 hours maximum including return hotel transfers. The only difference of these lunch or dinner only activities from our cooking class experience is the shopping and cooking which is done in advance.

We kindly inform you that our chefs are local people without a restaurant or professional cooking background. As well as a class, we try to show you the local culture of our region while helping the less fortunate families of Cappadocia. You will not only be experiencing a cooking class but also make someone’s day.

  • Harvest Potatoes with Locals
  • Make bread or pide
  • Pamper your children
  • Eat fresh food everyday
  • Pick Apples with the Locals

Eco Tourism

What is Eco Tourism?

People try to go to the off the beaten during their travels and Eco-Tourism is the best option to explore the unusual. It takes you to the remote, intact and undisturbed villages and towns and makes you meet with the locals that treat the tourists as their own families. The purpose of an eco-tour is to give you an education that you cannot receive back home. Eco tours should protect the destinations from the bad effects of mass tourism and support the local economy. Our guests have enjoyed a variety of eco-tourism activities in Cappadocia from harvesting potatoes to milking sheep so why don’t you?

Criteria of Eco Tourism!

Respects and protects the nature.

Travels to natural destinations.

Builds environmental awareness.

Avoids mass tourism.

Reduces the impact of the crowds.

Creates direct economic support to the local people and their economy.

Creates sustainability by generating employment in the area of the locals.

Contributes to the local people more than mass tourism does.

Most importantly affordable; lack of waste in the form of ‘luxury’.

Where I can do eco-tourism in Turkey?

We have started offering Eco-tourism activities in Cappadocia, Turkey. Cappadocia region is surrounded by several intact villages reflecting the architecture and lifestyles of ancient times that are not affected by mass tourism at all. After searching and networking, we have started to offer Tailored Eco-Tourism packages to our guests. We are very happy for creating a butterfly effect in Cappadocia and we are sure we will see the results of our efforts and the contributions of our guests in the future. Please send us an E-MAIL stating the number of people in your party and your time frame for eco-tourism, we will be more than happy to tailor an eco-tourism package in Cappadocia for you.

  • Rafting in Turkey
  • Rafting in Turkey
  • Rafting in Turkey
  • Rafting in Turkey


Rafting is a great source of adrenalin and the most second convenient rafting river is in the East of Turkey awaiting rafting lovers. Rafting can be done in different parts of Turkey making it easily adaptable to any itinerary. Come raft in Turkey to see the valleys, countryside and the beautiful landscape that no tourist can see on foot.

We have rivers and guides that can assist anyone at different levels in rafting. From easy one-day rafting to a full week, there are many alternatives in our country. Just let us know how many days you have in Turkey and for how long you would like to raft so we can fix it to your Turkey tour itinerary.

The most challenging rafting is done in Coruh River which is flowing by The Kackar Mountains in the North East of Turkey. It is among the top ten rafting rivers of the world and is generally considered the second-best of the world. You can raft in 5 different difficulty scales in Coruh River and can explore the natural and historical beauties located around the valley.

The Dalaman River offers two levels of difficulty in the upper and lower streams which makes it convenient for all types of rafters. The Koprucay River is also similar to the Dalaman but you can raft all year around in Koprucay.

The Melen River is located nearby Istanbul and it is perfect for an impromptu rafting trip. You can easily combine your historical trip to Istanbul with daily adrenaline-supplying activity. This is a perfect rafting experience for beginners as it requires less commitment than some of the longer rafting courses.

For thoroughly enjoyable rafting vacations and adventures in Turkey, don't hesitate to contact us to arrange your visit to naturally beautiful Turkey.

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  • Camel Riding in Cappadocia
  • Camel Riding in Cappadocia
  • Camel Riding in Cappadocia

Camel Riding

You may be expecting to see camels almost everywhere in Turkey but they are not very popular animals of transportation yet they have never been because of the weather conditions and the challenging landscape of Anatolia. However, retired champions are seen by the popular tourist destinations in Cappadocia, Antalya, Ephesus and Pamukkale. You can easily climb on one of them for a photo. I can hear you asking ‘champions’ and that expression requires extra information.

Camels are trained specially for camel wrestling and after a certain age, camels cannot beat the young ones since it is done during the mating season. Animals are not hurt and most of the games finish as they start because of the apparel of the camels making them look even bigger. When they get retired, they are hired by people from popular tourist destinations and they spend the rest of their lives in peace carrying tourists around for memorable photos.

Camels are not indigenous to Cappadocia nor Anatolia or Mesopotamia. Camels were used by the people in the Middle East since the Bronze Age because we can see the camels on the cylinder seals of the Mesopotamians. Most probably the Bactrian Camel was domesticated in the 3rd Millennium BC and moved to Mesopotamia. Since then, the camels are cross bread and people of the middle east are still using them for transportation.

Camels in Turkey are not used anymore for transportation but for special occasions like weddings, circumcisions and wrestling festivals especially around Aydin and Adana. The camels look like they know something that humankind doesn’t know. The holy book of the Muslims mentions God with 99 different names and they believe that the camels know the hundredth name of God. A secret like that would bring a very wise face.

Now in Cappadocia, like horse back riding, you can experience a camel ride over the volcanic landscape. 1 or 2 hours to sun set camel rides are available right now that can easily be included to your Cappadocia tours. Please CONTACT US for more information and reservations.

  • Sparviero from WW2 in Kas
  • Swim with the Caretta Carettas
  • Beautiful Marine life of Turkish Coast

Scuba Diving

Diving is very popular among the activities of Turkey. Professional or not, divers enjoy the Turquoise waters of Turkey to see the sunken ships, planes and ancient cities underneath the water and combine diving with their turkey tours.

The coastline of Turkey has warm waters along the summer which may reach up to 28 degrees of Celsius. However, the water temperature may drop to 14 degrees of Celsius as you dive below the surface of the warm seas of Turkey.

Would you like to dive into an Italian WWII veteran aircraft lying underneath the ocean? There is 1935 make Savoia-Marchetti SM 79 "Sparviero" lying underneath the cold waters of Turkey in between Kas and Meis. This 16 meters long and 21 meters wide Warcraft is seen from 30 meters and the remains of the plane are located around 60 meters below the surface and among the most popular diving spots of Kas.

You can dive to the sunken harbors or ancient cities in Turkey as well. By the small town Kas, apart from the sunken planes and ships, a small portion of the ancient city of Antiphellos awaits you above and below the water.

Marine life of Turkish coast is plenty wide and you can encounter from dolphins, Caretta Caretta, Mediterranean barracudas, parrotfishes, moray eels, octopus' and amberjacks. You may encounter monk seals as well.

You can easily combine diving with your blue cruise in Turkey. As well as daily departing diving crises, you can just join them to snorkel and enjoy the sun on the deck.

Traditional Gullets are now used for daily, weekly or monthly charters in the Turquoise waters of Turkey and we invite you to the ultimate vacation by renting a crewed gullet and sailing the beautiful waters of our country.

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  • Ski on the unbeaten tracks
  • Slopes convenient for beginners
  • Ski in beautiful slopes


There are hundreds of alternatives of skiing holidays in the world but as TurkeyTourOrganizer, we invite you to Turkey where you can combine your skiing holiday with cultural trips located around the skiing resorts. With the new investments, our slopes are new, snow is abundant in winter and facilities are way cheaper than most of the European or American skiing destinations. From November to May, you can ski in Turkey, and in May, you can swim in the warming waters of the Mediterranean Coastline as well. What a vacation!

Turkey offers slopes to almost everybody. While beginners can enjoy the baby slopes to develop their skills, professionals can enjoy heli-skiing and experience the untouched snow. You can purchase any kind of skiing gear in Turkey. Ski resorts are located nearby cities with historical significance like Bursa or Kayseri that enable you to combine your winter vacation with culture and history.

You will not believe it but the most popular ski resort in Turkey; Palandoken is located just 20 minutes from the airport. Palandoken is located in Erzurum and it is just an hour's flight from Istanbul. With rates going down in winter, you can explore Istanbul without the big bus groups and queues in the museums by saving from flying to a very popular European skiing destination.

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  • Unrivalled landscape
  • Play golf among the trees
  • Beautiful Golf Resorts
  • Waterfront golf courses


Turkey’s first golf course was built in 1895 in Istanbul. However, professionals had to wait until the 90s for a golf course. Our country was late for the golf tourism but caught up at the end of the 00s with the beautiful waterfront golf courses and a mild climate enabling people to play golf all year round especially in the Mediterranean Coastline of Turkey. Belek in Antalya is now a world-known golf destination. The hotels’ golf courses in Belek have many golf courses ranging in size for any golfers with different levels of skills. Belek has been a host to a number of international golf competitions and many golf courses of the area are commended by many professional golfers.

You may be a hardcore golfer and want to play golf from the morning to the sunset; 36 holes every day. Turkey has great golf courses suitable for you whether you are traveling with golfer lads or with your family who are not that interested in golf. While staying in one of the resort hotels in Antalya, you can enjoy your time in the golf course while your family can enjoy the other amenities at the hotel, go out shopping in the bustling city of Antalya or visit the many ancient cities located around the city.

Turkey will satisfy all your expectations from a golf holiday whether you are looking for a good course, a memorable vacation for you and your family.

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