Turkey has a very good road and highway system. As a devoloping country, Republic of Turkey has added many highways in Anatolian hinterland. Almost all global car rent companies have offices in Turkey. Especially tourist hub airports like Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Dalaman and Trabzon welcomes millions of tourists every year. While majority of the tourists are interested in escorted Turkey tours, there is a growing number of self driveenthusiasts coming to our country.

We have assisted hundreds of travelers in our country. more than 100 of them wanted to explore Turkey on their own. In a self drive tour, we arrange everything except the driver. Guests are behind the wheel and they follow a program we tailor for them. The local sim card supplied before collecting the rental car has the internet necessary for those road trips. They use the internet for navigation or browsing information during the course of their journey. We drive around our country frequently and use our internet mainly for listening to music. We used to keep CDs before and USB sticks which prevented us to explore for more music. We have a very good Turkish radio coverage in our country but when you are in the countryside, you are limited to a few stations. Thanks to the internet, we personally enjoy uninterrupted music during our own self drive tours.

Turkish music is inspired from the East and the West. Almost all cultural branches like arhitecture, kitchen, art and even people are a mixture of both worlds. One of my favorite group Dolapdere Big Gang is the real proof of this fact. You can enjoy the internationally known legendary songs with Anatolian rhtyhms and instruments from this beautiful Istanbul band. The music world of Turkey has everything a tourist is looking for. If you are dreaming of a road trip like in USA and want rock music company you, you can hit the Anatolian Rock Music list and enjoy the legendary Turkish Rock Bands. If you want to enjoy some traditional folk songs of Turkey, than your list is Baglama - Saz which is the name of the 6 string Turkish guitar. Turkish pop will be a good alternative on the road if you want to hear the inspiration of Turkish musicians from the world of MTV. We also have a title literraly translated as Turkish Art Music. It is a form of music which evolved around the rich mansions and palaces of the Ottoman times. Turk Sanat Muzigiis not reaching to every citizen in Turkey and listened in the famous Meyhanes which is the Turkish version of Greek tavernas. If you want to enjoy instrumental Turkish Music, you can try The Seven Cloves who makes great music. Please don't forget to add our living legend Fazil Say to your spotify list of Turkey. We are proud of him who has given concerts all over the globe. You may even encountered his music in your own country. While driving in the West Coast of Turkey, your radio will catch a lot of Greek Stations from the islands which are stone throw away from Turkish mainland. Turkish and Greek music is mutually inspired from each other and Turkish pop songs from the opposite shores is a nice example of our friendship.

If you are interested in a self drive Turkey trip, please send us an e-mail by filling the form in our contact page. We will be happy to arrange your self drive journey. Thank you very much for reading my post and happy travels!