Cappadocia region is a wonder of nature created by natural forces carving and eroding volcanic rocks created by Volcanic Mountains surrounding the region. Volcanic eruptions took place millions of years ago and erosions speeded up especially after the meltdown of the ice ages yet continue still today relatively in a slow way. Erosions of water and wind has used the volcanic surface of central Anatolia like a canvas hence created the surreal landscape of Cappadocia. People amazed from the phenomenal colors of Cappadocia has been living on this landscape for thousands of years whilst contributing to the extensive heritage of Cappadocia. Wineries, caves and shelters carved in to the volcanic tuff had been the main concern of the people which has altered to finding a good cave hotel, getting an experienced local guide, flying with a professional hot air balloon pilot and fitting most of Cappadocia to 1 or 2 days. (Click here to check a recommended Cappadocia Tour)

What to see in Cappadocia?

Photo famous Cappadocia region is actually a small area that you can drive around in less than an hour which is not enough to get the feeling of it. Your Cappadocia itinerary has to cover at least an underground city, Open Air Museum of Goreme village and fairy chimneys which are seen particularly in a small piece of land around Goreme village. And you can do all those three in one day. Sounds like you can do Cappadocia in one day however you need an overnight at least to fly with a hot air balloon flight over the poetic landscape of Cappadocia to get the best of it. A little walk in one of the colorful valleys of Cappadocia is highly recommended which requires 2 hours minimum.

‘I don’t want to rush from one place to another but would like to get the best of Cappadocia in my limited travel time’

– Anonymous

It is possible to explore Cappadocia region without rush. I recommend a noon flight to Cappadocia region after a nice breakfast in Istanbul. You can arrange an escorted tour starting from one of the airports of Cappadocia region and explore on the way to the hotel. A guided half day tour will be very helpful especially when you are up above in the basket of the hot air balloon flight next early morning. Hot air balloons fly in the early morning for safety and they drop you back around 8 AM to your hotel. Late start again will be helpful to fill the batteries, breakfast and shower before your second day in Cappadocia. You can ask your guide to pick you up late again and tour around until your departure flight to Istanbul or Izmir (Ephesus) or Antalya; other popular destinations of Turkey. You may have to take your dinner up in the air but you will have enough energy and time when you arrive to your next destination for a walk around the hotel and get a drink before going bed.

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