Mardin, where people have lived since prehistoric times, is one of the places where Christianity first spread. The Assyrians living here are also the first society to accept this religion. Today, you see all religions hand in hand in Mardin. In how many other cities can you see Artuqid mosques and Syriac monasteries adjacent?

The city was included in the Islamic lands in the 7th century during the time of Omar, the second caliph after the Prophet Muhammad. Artukids, Akkoyunlular and Ottomans, a branch of the Seljuks, also brought the Turkish-Islamic identity to the region. This place also served as the capital of the Artuqids for a while. Strolling among the stone buildings, which have witnessed thousands of years of history here and whose shadows do not touch each other, makes one feel like entering a fairy tale.

Late Antique and Medieval church-monasteries (Mor Sobo Church, Virgin Mary Church (Yoldath Aloho), Deyrulzafaran Monastery, Mor Gabriel Monastery, Mor Abai Monastery, Mor Loozor Monastery, Mor Yakup Monastery, Mor Quryaqos Church and The Mor Azozo Church is on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List and I look forward to seeing these structures on the permanent list as soon as possible.

The unique arched passages in its streets, namely abbara, are the distinctive textural symbol of the city. It passes under the houses at many points and seems to intersect with each other. Here, languages and religions are intertwined. Both monasteries, mosques and tombs come to life in the same city, side by side, arm in arm.

Places to see in Mardin

Kasımiye Madrasa

The construction of the madrasah, which is the largest educational structure in the city, started during the Artuqid period. The madrasah, which could not be completed for a long time, was completed in the 15th century during the Akkoyunlu period. The fountain inside the madrasa was built according to the philosophy of mysticism. With the flow of water, human life from birth to death and after is depicted. According to rumors, Kasım Pasha, who completed the madrasa, was murdered in the courtyard of this place. His sister also lamented and slammed his bloody shirt on the walls of the madrasa in pain. It is said that the dark red stains on the walls are from that day.

Zinciriye (Sultan Isa) Madrasa

Zinciriye Madrasa was built in 1385 by the last Artuqid Sultan, Melik Necmettin Isa Bin Muzaffer Davud Bin El Melik. It was built on a high level with the thought that it will be used as an observatory. It takes its name from both the sultan and the chain stretched between the two domes.

Mardin Houses

Mardin is a city with unique houses. The houses, which are described as Northern Syrian style, made of yellow limestone, not using plaster material, and whose shadows do not fall on each other behind their doors opening to the Mesopotamian Plain, are decorated like lace both outside and inside and present the most beautiful examples of elegant stonework.

Deyrulzafaran Monastery

The history of Deyrulzafaran Monastery dates back to 4000 BC. This place was first built as a temple by the Assyrians who worshiped the sun. Later, the Romans made additions to this structure. The monastery resembles medieval structures rising in the middle of the steppe. The way the monks and students lived in the monastery continues as it was hundreds of years ago. The stone walls, which were once the color of saffron, have now changed color due to the dust-soil permeating them. It is called saffron because hundreds of years ago, saffron flowers bloomed in these mountains. While Deyrulzafaran was being built, saffron flowers were used in its plaster to give color to its walls. The monastery got its name from the saffron flowers used in its construction.


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