Nightlife in Istanbul

Well, living in Cappadocia, makes you a totally different person. That’s why, I can honestly say that I am not a nightlifeperson anymore :) On the other hand, we still pay a visit to Istanbul and remember the old days with my lovely wife. Here are some tips if you like to hang out around Istanbul.

If somebody invites you to a place, just ignore him/her

Basic principle! You totally look like a tourist, which means you are the target in every singly country who try to scam you. It is also necessary in Istanbul unfortunately.

A tragicomical story that I’ve seen with myeyes; Around 4 years ago, I was working for a different travel company based in Istanbul. I have welcomed 2 gentleman from Istanbul Ataturk airport and transferred them to their hotel in Taksim Square.I’ve informed them about their tour program for the next 5 days and was about to leave them at the hotel. One of them asked me one last question about nightlife in Istanbul and gave them some hangout names located on Istiklal Street. Additionally I have informed them not to go with anybody who invitesthem in a place.

Then, (funny) they accepted the first invitation from a person who was patrolling around Istiklal Street and wastrying to scam a tourist. I’ve got a call from them the next day! “Hey Erkan, we went to a bar and we are forced to pay 300 USD for beers only…”

– Soo sorry!

Whereshould you go?

Istiklal is always filled with people from all life,all kinds of music, and all sorts of passports. And the bars that line this street offer an equally diverse mix. There are also the side streets that branch out of the main Beyoglu vessel, doubling the amount of options available.Here are some options for your night in Istanbul;


Located so close to Istiklal street, Kasette is filled with people every night. Dance keeps going till morning hours with a DJ.Musics are electronic and projection screens give a nice atmosphere to thespot.

Topless Terrace

Has a huge 800 square meters of open terrace with a stunning panorama. Serves as a Club but it isalso available for private bookings. Venue has a good quality soundtrack with its Acoustic sound system.


Punk Rock, Jazz, Drum& Bass… All you need is in one place named Peyote. Has three floors and each floor has its own mood. Don’t forget to show up early on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays since it gets crowded really fast.


Once it was named as Ghetto, then as Hypnos and it has now reopened as Kloster. It is one of the largest nightlife venues in Beyoglu. It has a high-quality sound system and a huge terrace, Kloster offers an unforgettable night to the people with a capacity of up to 2,000 people.


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