What is Eco Tourism?

Eco tourism is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.

– Claus-Dieter Hetzer

Claus-Dieter Hetzer from US did the first ecotours in Mexico during the early 1970s. Popularity of ecotourism did not grow as the mass tourism but since 1980s, more people join eco tours rather than the mass tourism. Seeing the potential, big guys of tourism industry are slowly entering the ecotourism market. Kenya, Costa Rica and Mexico are the leaders in ecotourism but because of growing interest, more people are inspired from the contributions of ecotourism yet develop ecotourism in various countries around the globe.

During our travel, we effect the planet earth a lot. Planes, hotel rooms, busses, trains, rental cars; they all create CO2. Leaving your hotel rooms AC and electricity on will continuosly create carbon even if you are not there in the room. Globally, we have created the highest numbers of carbon in 2011. 35 Billion tons of carbon was created by the industries in the world in 2011. Only Germany created more emission then the whole international shipping in the world. Especially highly populated countries with less forests create more carbon. Here is the role of tourism in global warming;

  • Tourism is responsible for %5 of the global carbon emissions and responsible for %4.6 of global warming.
  • %75 of this carbon emission is created by means of transportation; aircrafts taking the lead!
  • Staying in a regular hotel will create 30 kilos of Carbon dioxide.
  • Approximately a ton of carbon will be created by 2 people travelling by plane across Europe.
  • A person creates same carbon by using a motorbike for a year or by a return flight in a long-haul.
  • 2 People traveling from Japan to Turkey create approximately 7 tons of carbon only with their return flights.
  • Air travel is responsible for %40 of the carbon emissions tourism creates.
  • Rail creates %13 though.

How can I reduce carbon emissions while traveling?

Travel with agencies that are eco friendly. We plant a tree to all clients coming to Turkey and planted 118 trees in 2015. We are not the only company doing so and please browse for hotels or companies with environmental consciousness. Avoid air travel if you can. Trains are very well operated in Europe and slowly developing in Turkey that you can use while changing destinations. If you are traveling frequently, travel close to home or for a longer time frame like Australians do. While booking flights, check the company if they are recycling the waste and using recycled material on board. Consider your hotel room like your own back home. Turn off the lights, AC and TV before leaving the room to explore. Walk or bike if you can rather than renting a car or having a designated driver. Buying a solar charger will contribute a lot more than using non-rechargable batteries. Support the local economy by purchasing items and good from them directly. Book a cooking class experience with us :) or join a full moon walk.


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