Soon Cappadocia will be covered by snow. The majestic Erciyes volcanic mountain summit has already put its white cap and the weather is getting colder every day. Even tough Cappadocia is getting white in winter, the snow and the cold weather is not stopping the travelers to benefit Cappadocia's peaceful environment. The number of tourists decrease dramatically making Cappadocia even more enjoyable. Sun rises and sets earlier than summer but still gives you enough light and warmth to explore the highlights of Cappadocia.

First of all, hot air balloons continue to fly. As the movement of the balloons depend on the wind, besides a few days of snow in the early morning, balloon flights are even more enjoyable in winter. The poetic landscape is getting covered by snow and the colors of volcanic formations are even more vibrant. As the sun rise is later in winter, you don't need to crawl out of your bed like a tourist did in July at 3 am. Pick up times are more tolerant and it is like starting the day early like 5 am in the morning. that means you can easily warm up at your hotel while having your second breakfast and get out to see the hot spots of Cappadocia.

Snow may prevent you to walk in most of the valleys but still Cappadocia has a lot to see in winter. You can even put on snow shoes and walk under the warm sun of Cappadocia's winter. I have personally done a few full moon walks in winter that was phenomenal as the white snow makes you feel like walking over the clouds at night.

Cappadocia airports are very well maintained during the winter and most of the flights are on time unless there is a crowd in Istanbul airports. Getting by a self driven car or a night bus is also possible since the roads are maintanied throughout the winter. Our winter guests are in general coming from nearby countries and spending long weekends in Cappadocia enjoying the hot Turkish baths, fire places in their cosy cave rooms, red Cappadocia wines and warm underground cities during their tours. It is not surprising for us to see quad bikes or horse riders in Cappadocia in winter as the land becomes magical with the snow.

White snow makes Cappadocia a great destination to those traveling in christmas. Cappadocia is only 1 hour away from Istanbul with a flight frequently departing from both airports of Istanbul. you can easily reach to Cappadocia in 5 or 6 hours after departing your country in Europe, Middle East, Russia or North Africa. Besides our neighbors, we host thousands of expats in Cappadocia every Christmas and looking forward to seeing you among us as well.

Please dont hesitate to Contact us if you want to take a long weekend in Cappadocia in this winter. We will be happy to put together a warm package for you. You can also take a look at our Turkey Tours.