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Istanbul city has a huge history thanks to being the capital of the Roman and Ottoman Empires. The location was not a coincidence. Istanbul sits on two continents and divided by the Bosporus Strait. The Bosporus connects the Black Sea to the Marmara Sea. As a result, the people of Istanbul developed a culture blended with the seas surrounding her. People of Istanbul say they are only able to put up with the stress of the city thanks to the peace brought by the salty waters of the Bosporus. While the majority of them prefer the Mediterranean or Aegean Coastline of the Republic of Turkey for their summer vacations, Istanbul has many beaches for those who cannot leave the city in Summer.

Where are the beaches of Istanbul?

The beaches of Istanbul can be listed in three groups. The first group members are the beaches in the Princes' Islands. The islands may be small in size as opposed to Istanbul but have many beaches which are very popular among the people of Istanbul. That is the main reason for the increase in the ferry schedules in summer. The second group members are the beaches by the Black Sea Coast of Istanbul. There are two popular beaches located on the right and left end side of the Bosporus of Istanbul. Even if the Black Sea is risky to swim because of the coastal currents, they are very popular because of their location. You don't see or hear Istanbul from these beaches. The third group members are the ones within the city of Istanbul that are easy access to the people. With a little walk or one commute, one can reach well-managed Metropolitan Run beaches and catch their breath after a tiring working week. If you have only one day reserved for a beach in Istanbul then I highly recommend you to drive up to the Black Sea Coast and spend the day there.

The Beaches by the Princes' Islands

Princes' Islands are consisting of nine islands. Five of them have settlements and naturally have recreational areas to spend a nice day by the cool waters of the Marmara Sea. There are three beaches available to swim in Buyukada. Yoruk Ali, Nakibey, and Princess are among the names of the beach clubs on the island. In Heybeliada, there are two beaches to spend the day with convenient infrastructure. Ada Beach is lying underneath the old Eastern Orthodox Church's building which was an education center until 1971. German Beach in Heybeliada Island is challenging to arrive at but worth the walk as it is the cleanest beach of the Islands. Burgazada has a nice watersports club which was established by the British people during WWI. Kalpazankaya, 6 Numara and Camakya are nice and clean beaches of Burgazada island. Iskele beach of Kinaliada Island is located by the right and left side of the port of Kinaliada. The name of the beach comes from the Turkish translation of port. It is nice to lay back on this beach and watch the ferries embark and disembark by the pier of Kinaliada.

The Beaches by Istanbul City

Istanbul city may have invaded all ancient beaches of Roman and Ottoman times but there are a few still accessible by the locals. Florya Beach is located by Ataturk Airport which was the busiest airport of the Republic of Turkey until Istanbul Airport started to operate a few years ago. It was always impressive to watch the aircraft descend and fly over the people. Today, smaller jets are using the airport which makes the Florya beaches more peaceful. Caddebostan beaches are located in the Asian part of Istanbul. They are across the Princes' Islands and the most popular beaches among the residents of the city because of accessibility. The beaches of Caddebostan and Suadiye are managed by the city and two out of three are subject to the entrance fee. During your journey in the Bosporus of Istanbul in summer, you can see many people swimming in the cool waters of Bosporus. Even if the options are limited for a city located in between two seas, the people of Istanbul make the most of every centimeter of the coastline of the city.


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