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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was born in Thessaloniki, Greece in 1881. He finished the military school in Manastir city which is in Macedonia today and joined the Ottoman army. His story begin afterwards and made him an internationally known leader .

He served as a lieutenant in the Ottoman army and was a colonel already during the worst battle of the WWI; Gallipoli. His experience and skills in war is seen at the moves of the regiments at his order during the Gallipoli campaign and with the courageous Turkish soldiers, he was victorious and changed the flow of the history. However, Ottomans fell along with the Germans in the WWI and Ataturk was supposed to disarm the Eastern Army of the Ottomans. He resigned from the Ottoman army and started a national resistance supported by his earlier brothers-in-arms.

The resistance against the invaders started from the East of the country and Ataturk converted Ankara in the middle of Anatolia to his headquarters. The independence war of the Republic of Turkey finished in 1923 and is considered the establishment of our county. Ataturk became the first president of the new republic and during his career, he made 36 revolutions in different fields to create this modern, western, secular and developing country. After serving many years to his country and people, he passed away in 1938 in Dolmabahce palace in Istanbul and now resting in peace in the Mausoleum in Ankara. Let’s see what the other leaders told about him;

The death of Ataturk, who saved Turkey during the war and revived the Turkish nation, is not only a loss for his country, but it is also a great loss for Europe. The sincere tears that people from all classes have shed, are nothing more than the true reflection of this great man - the Father of the modern Turkey.

Winston Churchill

The name of Ataturk reminds mankind of the historical accomplishments of one of the greatest men of this century: His leadership gave inspiration to the Turkish nation, farsightedness in the understanding of the modern world, and courage and power as a military leader. It is without a doubt that another example cannot be shown indicating greater successes than the birth of the Turkish Republic, and ever since then Atatürk's and Turkey's broad and deep reforms undertaken, as well as the confidence of a nation in itself.

John F. Kennedy

Because of the 25th year of Atatürk's death, I want to express the feelings of loyal friendship felt for the Turkish nation by the French nation. Today, Turkish history even more than ever is inseparable from Western and European history. Ataturk's efforts in this direction were not left without results. The friendship between our countries that has surpassed hundreds of years, has formed the foundation for this development.

Charles de Gaulle

Many more of these statements above can be found on the internet showing how great leader Ataturk was. Even though he fought in many battlefields during his life, he was a total peace maker and had always been against war. ‘Peace at home, peace in the world’ is proving this.