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Camlica Hill is the highest location in the Asian part of Istanbul. The hill and the viewpoints there have magnificent views of the entrance of the Golden Horn and the southern part of the Bosporus of Istanbul. The area is full of oriental tea houses, beautiful parks with monumental trees, and parking infrastructure for the explorers of Istanbul. Camlica Hill's attractions are managed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul which hosts millions of tourists every year. The area is 288 meters above sea level offering phenomenal views of the two continents Istanbul is established. You can see the new business center of Istanbul in the Levent district and watch the freight ships passing the Bosporus of Istanbul from the Marmara Sea to the Black Sea. Public ferries, small boats, sea taxis, and luxury yachts are cruising the Bosporus in a promiscuous yet rhythmic harmony.

Where is Camlica Hill?

Camlica Hill is located in the Uskudar district of Istanbul's Asian part. There are many bus stops around Camlica Hill departing from Uskudar, Kadikoy, and Taksim Square. The name of the bus stop is Turistik Camlica Tepesi which is less than a kilometer away from the center of Camlica Hill. Beylerbeyi Palace is located in the Uskudar district as well and you can combine the palace and the hill before strolling in the back streets of Kadikoy which will be a very authentic tour in the Asian Part of Istanbul. Grand Camlica Mosque is an important site to see in the area which is among the best examples of Republican Era Turkish architecture.

Grand Camlica Mosque

Two beautiful female architects of the Republic of Turkey signed the Grand Camlica Mosque. The megaproject started in the 2000s and cost over a hundred million dollars until the grand opening of the structure in March 2019. Architects Bahar Mizrak and Hayriye Gul Totu were inspired by the great projects of the Ottoman Empire which were built by the legendary architect Grand Sinan. He was the head of the architects of the Ottoman Empire during the reign of Soliman the Magnificent, II Selim, and III Murad from 1539 to 1588 until he passed away. He left hundreds of monuments during his fifty years of career who signed the classical period of Ottoman Architecture. He is still inspiring the architects of the Republic of Turkey and Grand Camlica Mosque is the most recent example. Grand Camlica Mosque is built like the examples of classical Ottoman architecture. The mosque is big enough to accommodate 63 thousand prayers at the same time. The mosque is planned as an emergency meeting point to help a hundred thousand Istanbul citizens. The main dome of the mosque is 72 meters above the ground which rivals the biggest Ottoman Mosque Suleymaniye in Istanbul. The main dome is 34 meters in width. Grand Camlica Mosque not only has the biggest architectural numbers in Turkey but also in the world. 6,5 meter high and 5 meters wide main entrance is the biggest door of a temple in the world. Like the architectural traditions of Grand Sinan, the modern architects of Grand Camlica Mosque added cultural facilities to the complex. The complex is home to a library, conference hall, childcare, underground parking, and an art gallery. The mosque has six minarets. Two of them are 107.1 meters tall which is a reference to the Manzikert Battle of the Turkomans and the Eastern Roman Armies. Turkomans started to settle in the highlands of Anatolia after the victory of Manzikert. The other four minarets are 90 meters tall. Most of the mosques in the world lack facilities for women especially for ablution. Female architects of the mosque paid great attention to this topic and created the only female-friendly mosque in the world. Grand Camlica Mosque is a beautiful structure that is the perfect product of the secular Republic of Turkey.


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