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That flame that has not died out for centuries: Chimera \(Yanartaş\)

In Kemer, the touristic center of Antalya, a natural fire has been burning for centuries: Yanartaş. Yanartaş, which is formed from the natural burning of the gases from underground, is one of the must-see places during your Antalya trip. Yanartaş is a special place for those who want to witness the miracles of nature, with its legend nourished by mythology, its extraordinary view, which is the result of its location on a high hill, and its exciting climbing route. Especially the sunset view turns into one of the most romantic places to see Yanartaş.

There are many places to visit in Antalya, but Yanartaş is separated from many places with its atmosphere. If you want to experience an extraordinary activity accompanied by mystical landscapes, visit Yanartaş at sunset.

Where is Yanartaş? How To Get To Yanartaş?

Yanartaş, the fire of Olympos, is located at an altitude of 230 meters in Çıralı. Çıralı is a region connected to the Kemer district of Antalya.

To go to Yanartaş, cross the bridge at the entrance of Çıralı and continue in the direction of the orange groves on the left. Follow the road to reach the slightly inclined paths and continue the journey. You will arrive there after about 3.5 kilometers.

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The Legend of Chimera

Yanartaş is a place that has attracted attention since ancient times with its flames that do not go out. Today we may know why Yanartaş was formed, but old stories are definitely more fun. According to Homer's texts, the reason for the flames in Yanartaş is that Chimera, a mythological creature living under the ground, a mixture of lion, goat, and snake, breathes fire towards the earth. The old name of the settlement in Yanartaş comes from this legend: Chimaera.

Let's open up the legend a little bit more because the story is pretty gripping. At the center of the story is an unlucky hero named Hipponus. Hipponus, the prince of Ephyra, was an outstanding hunter; but one day, he accidentally killed his brother Belleron. After that, his name remained Bellerophon (who eaten Belleron). Bellerophon arrived in Tiryns' city on one of his trips, and the city's queen fell in love with him. Bellerophon did not respond to this love, and the queen got very angry and asked the king to punish her. The king, who did not want to get blood on his hand, gave Bellerophon a letter and sent him to Lycia. The letter in his hand said that he had disturbed the queen and should be killed. The Lycian king Lobhates did not want to get blood on his hand and sent Bellerophon on a mission that he thought he could not achieve. At that time, Chimera lived where Yanartaş was located. Bellerophon, who encountered Chimera, begged the gods for mercy, and Pegasus came to his aid. With the help of Pegasus, Bellerophon killed the Chimera with a spear strike. Chimera, who spewed fire one last time before he died, burned the surroundings. That last fire was still burning in Yanartaş today.

Information about Çıralı\-Yanartaş

✓ Yanartaş is the name of a hill in Ciralİ. The flames here increase after rainy times. Because the number of channels through which the gases come out increases depending on the rainwater. Those who want to see intense flames keep this information in mind.

✓ It is not easy to climb the hill where Yanartaş is located. You will probably sweat. It is beneficial to have good quality hiking shoes and spare t-shirts.

✓ The flaming pits offer absolutely extraordinary views at night. The ideal hours for a trip to Yanartaş are when the weather starts to get dark.

✓ There is no fire from some of the holes in Yanartaş. But gas continues to come out of such cavities. Therefore, be very careful if you are going to make a fire.


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