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There are some routes that are the champions of all seasons, even in different moods they are like medicine. These routes sometimes appear as a quiet holiday destination, sometimes as an escape route on public holidays or weekends, and sometimes as corners to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun for a long time.

Especially when September comes and those romantic tones of autumn begin to show themselves slightly, these corners in the Aegean region have a different kind of appeal. Cunda Island is such a corner of heaven.

In this article, we will take a journey between İzmir and Cunda and reach out to nostalgic streets, historical stone buildings, a clean sea, and delicious Aegean cuisine.

Where is Cunda Island

Cunda Island, also called Alibey Island, is the largest of the Ayvalık Islands. Cunda, which stretches along the Edremit Bay on the northwestern coast of our country, is also located on the eastern side of Lesbos Island of Greece.

Cunda Island, located on the Ayvalık coasts of Balıkesir, has the characteristic of a typical Aegean town on the seashore. In addition, another feature of Cunda Island is that it is connected to the mainland with a bridge established in the 1960s.

Places to see in Cunda

Sunrise and sunset on Cunda Island is another beautiful thing. The clean sea and the stylized stone houses of the old give a different kind of peace. However, the Ayvalık region gets windy in the evenings. Therefore, it is useful to be prepared. If you are ready, let's take a look at the places you need to see in Cunda.

Cunda Streets

With its nostalgic texture, stone houses and colorful flowers, Cunda streets can drag you towards a dream you don't want to wake up to. You can enjoy peace of mind in these streets, where you will observe the old Greek architecture, especially where local stones are used.

You can sit in the colorful cafes you will come across while wandering the streets to relax and enjoy your pleasure.

Taksiyarhis Church

Taksiyarhis Church, one of the most important historical spots of Cunda, was built in 1873. This cultural heritage, restored by the Rahmi Koç Museum and Culture Foundation, draws attention with its location in the center of Cunda.

Built in a neo-classical style, the church was built with garlic stones extracted from the region's mines and built of stones in piles. This is one of the first places you should stop by when you come to the island.

Lovers Hill

Hosting a unique view, Aşıklar Hill offers travelers a wonderful environment where they can watch the island from a bird's eye view. At this point, which has become one of the symbols of the island, there is also the island's first windmill.

The mill, which was restored in 2007, is now used as a library and cafe. The library, named "Sevim and Necdet Kent Library", is an ideal place to spend a pleasant time with your loved ones. Here you can drink your tea or coffee against the view, or dive into your book or magazine in a quiet environment.

Ayvalık Islands Natural Park

Ayvalık Islands Natural Park, one of Turkey's largest nature park. This park, which is one of the places to see in Cunda, draws attention with its natural beauty.

This wonderful community of islands, located close to each other in the bay, is a treasure with its historical churches, monasteries, houses, vegetation and the diversity of life in the sea.

Cunda Island Beaches

Of course, it is not possible to come to Cunda Island and return without visiting the beaches. There are many options for swimming in Cunda. Our suggestions are as follows;

✓Patriça Bay ✓Cleopatra Beach ✓Ortunc Bay Public Beach ✓Çataltepe Beach ✓Sedef Beach ✓Sobe Beach


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