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As one of the symbols of Istanbul, the Maiden's Tower always finds its place in the enchanting photographs of the Bosphorus. Called by names such as Damalis and Leandros at the time, Maiden's tower is a symbol of love and elegance in Istanbul and also inspires those who want to have a romantic activity in the city. This historical building, built on a small island off Salacak, is open to visitors every day of the week, with the Maiden's Tower, Kuledebar, on the upper floor. You can visit this place for special day activities with your loved ones, or you can plan a trip to Maiden's Tower to feel the atmosphere of the old times.

Where is the Maiden's Tower?

Maiden's Tower is located in Istanbul. The Maiden's Tower, built on a small island off Salacak, in the Üsküdar district, is located on the Bosphorus.

How To Get To The Maiden's Tower?

You can join boat trips via Üsküdar and Kabataş to go to the Maiden's Tower. Maiden's Tower services from Üsküdar take place every 15 minutes between 09.15-18.30. Kabataş-Maiden's Tower expeditions are organized every hour between 10.00-18.00 on weekends.

Rocks in Ancient Times

Historians based on official sources state that the Maiden's Tower was first mentioned in 400 BC. As far as it is known, it was established as a customs point for maritime trade. The Koran is an Athenian commander. Athens was an important and dominant Greek city-state at that time. It is a known fact that this small rock has fulfilled this task assigned to it for centuries. The Maiden's Tower is an Istanbul work with many rumors but has the least specific knowledge. There are also historians claiming that this place was built as a breakwater.

✓ In 341 BC, the Greek Chares (or Kharis) built a marble sarcophagus for his wife on the tower's site. Damalis, one of the old names of the Maiden's Tower, comes from here. Damalis was the name of Chares' wife.

✓ In the 12th century, the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Komnenos built two towers to let the enemy into this region. One of them was rising in the Mangana Monastery, that is, on the coast of today's Topkapı Palace and the other on the Üsküdar coast. Where the Maiden's Tower is now rising. Komnenos stretched a chain between the two towers, thus taking control of the ships passing through the Bosphorus.

✓ During the conquest of Istanbul, the Venetians used this tower as a base and helped the Byzantines.

✓ After conquering Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet turned this tower into a castle and placed cannons around it. Thanks to the vigorous defense of the Bosphorus, it was not needed much, and over time it became a show center.

✓ The tower was also used as a quarantine room and a place of exile.

The Bitter end that Comes with the Snake

According to the first legend, one of the Byzantine kings had a daughter, and a prophecy was made about the girl. The princess would die at the age of 18 after being bitten by a snake. Hearing this, the king restored the tower on the island in the middle of the sea and turned it into space where the princess could live. When the princess was 18, the snake hiding in a basket of grapes brought by the maids or a flower basket carried by a young officer who fell in love with the princess reached the island and stung the princess to death.


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