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Turkey is really the land of love and deserves this title thanks to the many lovers who contributed to the history and culture of love with monuments, water channels and ancient cities. Little Asia was a hidden meeting point for legendary lovers like Cleopatra and Marcus Antonius. Today you can personally visit and explore where those lovers lived their legendary love in Anatolia. Every year, couples and honeymooners visit Turkey and its romantic destinations. Here are some suggestions if you are thinking of a romantic escape with your lover to Turkey.

Istanbul and Bosphorus

Istanbul is the most popular and bustling touristic city of Turkey. It is so famous that most of the tourists consider the city as the capital of Turkey but unfortunately Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. Because of its location,the city has always been an important port and melting pot of cultures especially after the fall of Troy. Development rapidly converts this city to avery big metropole today but Istanbul is able to preserve her Romantic spirit.The city is divided into two parts, one located in the European and the otherin the Asian continent. This makes Istanbul the most picturesque city of theworld and because of that, Istanbul is the only city in the world where you can sip your coffee watching a different continent. There are many activities you can do in Istanbul but there are 3 must does if you are taking your lover to this city.

Stay in a waterfront hotel by the Bosporus. Many small and a couple of international chain hotels are located by the water in the Bosporus of Istanbul and those hotels deserve a splurge in the budget and you will not regret any penny everyday you wake up and see the real history channel dividing Europe form Asia.From the cheapest to the most expensive, those hotels are giving a very personal service which will pamper you and your lover during your stay and you will never want to step outside the hotel, but you should.

Do a private Bosporus cruise. We can send the boat right in front of your hotel. This 2 hour cruise will give you the most unique experience you can have in Istanbul and the best views as well. Sail from Europe to Asia and watch the ever changing scenery of the Bosporus jeweled with waterfront mansions and palaces. Sip your champagne in between two continents and see the reflection of passion in the eyes of your lover. Hop off where ever you want in the end of 2 hours and tour Istanbul on your own or with one of our highly experienced guides.

Dine by the water. There are many water front restaurants and night clubs as well so spend a night by the water again. Dine while the small boats float on the water and embellish the dark waters by night. Experience the phenomenal Turkish kitchen in one of those restaurants and taste amazing food. The world famous venues located by the water await you as well if you want to continue the night out!

Stay in a cave hotel in Cappadocia

Not as popular as Istanbul but Cappadocia is among the most popular destinations of Turkey and the number of tourists visiting this incredible piece of land are increasing every year. The region Cappadocia is famous for the poetic and volcanic landscape which will remind you the Moon and Mars. It is surreal and thanks to the volcanic nature, people have built cave dwellings to protect themselves, their wine, their animals and their families from the enemies.Today, those old dwellings are slowly converted into hotels and pensions yet thousands of tourists are looking forward to a cave dwelling stay when they travel to Turkey.

A couple of hotels we cooperate are designed beautifully and they are able to give you the personal and private experience you may have from a waterfront hotel in Istanbul. Your cave might have been a vinery, storage, stable or apigeon house. How cool is that? Many of the rooms still have architectural relics of the earlier use of the chambers so the old and new is very beautifully blended in those cave rooms. Let us book you one cozy cave room and indulge yourself into history without spending a fortune.

Fly in a hot air balloon

Be a part of the gentle Anatolian wind with your lover. On a private basis or with a small group, explore Cappadocia from up above and see the love of nature to Cappadocia that will make you fall in love with this place. As long as you are with an experienced pilot, a hot air balloon flight is a real once in a lifetime experience that you will remember forever. Did you know that hot airballoons of Cappadocia are the most pictured and shared activity in the social media for the last years? Be a part of it and you will see it worth the earlywake up.

Do a wine tasting

Wine comes from the East of the Black Sea and travelled through Anatolia to the rest ofthe world. Cappadocia region has been a wine factory since history and it is the longest production site of wine in the world. Today, with professional wineries, Cappadocia region produces very different wines from what you areused to and a wine tasting in a valley by the sunset is a very Romantic Experience. Let us pamper you and your lover and sip your wine while watching the sun goes down over the lunar landscape of Cappadocia.

Walk and Picnic in Cappadocia

Hold the hands of your lover and explore the unique valleys of Cappadocia region. Hidden cave churches are located along the valleys of Red and Rose explore the monastic history of the region on foot. Finish the day with a picnic with your lover and enjoy the silence and peace of Cappadocia region after a day in a hotair balloon basket. Taste homemade food and delicacies of Cappadocia kitchen over the volcanic landscape with phenomenal views of the region.

Visit the ancient city of Hierapolis

City of love for us, Hierapolis is located right next to the world famous whitetravertine formations of Pamukkale and listed in UNESCO since 1988. The city has two legend of why it was built and we believe to the romantic one whichsays II Eumenes built the city in the name of Hiera who was the wife of the legendary founder of the Kingdom of Pergamon. Theater, Necropolis, Agora and the Roman baths are the most prominent ancient structures to see there but the most interesting one is the pool of Cleopatra. The ancient pool was used as a thermal healing spot by the civilizations ruled the city and also it was just another meeting point of Cleopatra with her lover Marcus Antonius. Today couples enjoy swimming over the columns lying in the thermal waters of the pooland it is better to show up in the morning to beat the crowds before the groups start to dive into the water around the noon. After a romantic swim where love was spoken centuries ago, take a walk over the white travertines of Pamukkaleall the way down to the new town. Let us tailor a tour for you including all of those above so you enjoy without considering what to do next.

Cruise the Turquoise Coast

The Aegean waters of Turkey is world famous thanks to the turquoise colors and a blue cruise over the Aegean waters is just another key to ultimate romance. Gullets are used for sailing from one hidden cove and bay to the other one with on board cook and staff pampering you along the sail. Your captain will choose the best romantic and hidden spots so you can enjoy the waters with your lover along the day and watch the sky full of stars and dine underneath with beautiful Aegean kitchen. We can arrange a 3 or more nights of stay on board according to your itinerary and have a big portfolio of boats available for couples as well. There are many different sizes of boats sailing that you willencounter during your cruise but a 3 cabin boat is big enough for housing youand can meet your expectations from a romantic boat trip. Those boats were made to trade in between Anatolian land and the Greek islands but today they are all refit for tourists and they are built with all the amenities you may need on the water. Anything comes to mind from a hotel stay is available in the boat as well, the only difference is the scene and location changing everyday.

Stay in a small fishing village

Because of the nature of the Aegean Coastline of Turkey, the landscape is full of covesand bays that are jeweled by small fishing towns like Selimiye, Kas, Kalkan and Gocek. These are tourist destinations as well but the unforgiving landscape limits the number of houses built around those towns yet creating a small cute town like the ones in Greek islands. There are many small hotels with beautiful service and views of the Aegean Sea. The towns are very attractive by night and serving beautiful food during summer especially fresh fish. Hold the hands of your lover, walk around those towns and be a part of the Aegean dreams. The coastline is full of ancient cities and activities of walking, paragliding and diving so you can spice up your stay during the time you spend there. Some Greek islands located nearby also gives you a chance to combine your stay with a day trip to one of those islands which will complement your romantic escape in the Aegean region of Turkey.

Kadir Akın

Kadir Akin is the managing partner of Turkey Tour Organizer Co. and a highly skilled travel advisor and tour guide. Kadir has worked in the tourist sector for more than 15 years, and he has a wealth of experience in trip planning and offering first-rate guiding services.

Whether visiting historical sites, trying the food, or finding off-the-beaten-path jewels, traveling with Kadir as your tour guide ensures a genuine and educational experience. Anyone looking for an insider's view of Turkey will find him to be a reliable and sought-after guide thanks to his love for his country and commitment to his profession.

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