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Where is the Love Valley?

Love Valley is located on the left hand side of the road from Goreme to Cavusin village. Before Cavusin town, there is an intersection to Nevsehir city which is the province of Cappadocia. When you turn left to Nevsehir direction and drive roughly one and half kilometers, you will see the graffiti of Love Valley on an old stone hut. The dirt track will take you to the top of the Love Valley. You can easily notice the parking area on the right hand side after driving less than a kilometer. The popular view point of Love Valley has breathtaking views of the end of the Love Valley. This part is the most impressive part of the Love Valley thanks to the tallest monoliths of Cappadocia. They are responsible for the famous name of the Love Valley.

Hiking in Love Valley

Love Valley stretches around three kilometers on the right hand side of Goreme. When you are driving from Uchisar to Goreme, you easily notice the view of the Pigeon Valley on the right. Love Valley is on the other side of the road but not visible from the vehicles. The hiking trail inside the valley is beautiful. You will see an intersection in the end of Uchisar as you drive to Goreme. There is a jewelry shop on the left. The dirt track in the end of the shop which will take you to the entrance of the Love Valley. You will easily notice the Baglidere sign on the right after a few minutes walking. Your hike will last around two hours until you see the most beautiful fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. They are totally different from the fairy chimneys you have seen in Devrent– Imagination Valley, Pasabag –Monks Valley or Zelve Open Air Museum. They are the tallest fairy chimneys within the National Park of Goreme which is Cappadocia. It feels amazing to approach to a natural gigantic formation which is millions of years old. When you look closer to the bodies of the fairy chimneys, you easily notice the round stones and silt which is different from volcanic tuff. The majority of the tall bodies of the fairy chimneys in Love Valley are sedimentary rocks. This is unique characteristics of the Love Valley fairy chimneys.

How to explore the Love Valley in a different way?

The walking trail taking you to the bottom of the Love Valley is around three kilometers. The entrance of the valley is relatively very modest in terms of views and formations. The first two hours of the trail is a nice walk in the nature. The most impressive formations are located almost in the end of the Valley. If you are not interested in long walks in the nature and don’t want to be among other tourists taking pictures, there is an alternative way to take you to the peaceful center of the Love Valley only in fifteen minutes of walk. One hundred meters after turning to Nevsehir direction from Goreme intersection, you will find a wide area to park your car. There is a dirt track which will take you to the center of Love Valley even with your car but vehicles are not allowed into the valley. You can notice the warning sign of the Military Police on the path. After taking your time there to enjoy the beauty of the Love Valley, you can get back to your car on the road.


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