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Where is Nysa Ancient City?

Nysa occupies an important place in the Ancient Caria region. It is located on the Aydın - Denizli highway, 30 km east of Aydın, 3 km northwest of Sultanhisar District.

According to the geographer and traveler Strabo, the three villages established by the brothers "Athymbros", "Athymbrados" and "Hydreleos" merged in the future to form the ancient city of Nysa. It is thought that approximately 40 thousand people lived in the city during the best period of the city. It is stated that the establishment of the Nysa Ancient City dates back to the 6th century BC.

Strabo is a famous geographer and traveler. He was educated in this city. The Gymnasium and the Library in the city were the educational centers of the city in good times. The library of the ancient city was built in the 2nd century AD. It is one of the best libraries after the library of Ephesus Ancient City. This ancient city grew in terms of architecture during the Roman period. He has gained different types of architectural works.

There is an ancient theater of 12 thousand people in the ancient city. It is estimated that the ancient city was built in the 1st century BC. The stage in the theater has a width of 27 meters. The stage structure of the theater is in very good condition. There are reliefs of Dionysos, the god of wine. There is an assembly building in the ancient city. The assembly building has a capacity of 700 people. The council building in the ancient city of Nysa is well preserved, just like the library. There is also a stadium in Nysa Ancient City. It was founded on the river passing through the middle of the city. It has a capacity of 30 thousand people and gladiator fights were held here.

In this ancient city, there are city walls from the Byzantine period. There are Gymnasium, a stadium with a capacity of 30 thousand people, Roman bridge ruins, Agora, Roman Baths and sarcophagus tombs in the Necropolis and Necropolis.

The library was established in the time of Emperor Hadrian in the Roman Empire in the Caria region. The library has 2-3 floors. The library is 150 meters from the Gymnasium. It is also very close to the theater. Nysa Library is structurally similar to the Celsus library in the ancient city of Ephesus.

The ancient city of Nysa is separated by the river. Because the river flows fast, it has formed a strait. Two parts of the city are joined by the bridges on the Bosphorus. There are gymnasium and stadium on one side, Byzantine ruins and library on one side, and a theater for ten thousand people next to the library. On the other side of the river, there are agora, parliament building and roman baths. There are cemeteries in the west of the city.

History of the City

The city is on important transportation and trade routes. It was established in the fertile basin formed by the river near the Menderes River. The city was very developed in the Roman period. The first name of the city of Nysa was Athymbra. According to the sources, the ancient city is an important educational and cultural city. Since the city was divided into two by a river, it was called a double city.

As a result of the excavations in the city, ancient artifacts belonging to the Roman period were found. It is the Gymnasium where young men are educated in the city, which is very advanced in terms of education. The presence of the theater shows that the city is cultured. The Council of Elders and Agora reflect the political and social life of the city.

Architectural structures reflect Roman architecture. Life in the city continued until the 12th century in the Roman and Byzantine Periods. It was understood from the remains found during the excavations that life continued until that date.


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