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Where is Pigeon Valley?

Pigeon Valley is stretching from Goreme Village to the outskirts of Uchisar. When you climb to the castle of Uchisar town, you can see the beginning and the end ofthe valley. Almost all tours in Cappadocia stop by beautiful panoramas. The most popular of them are the Pigeon Valley stop by Uchisar and panorama of Goreme village which is locally known as Esentepe. Both locations have impressive views with the Pigeon Valley lying in front of you, Erciyes Volcanic Mountain in the horizon and pigeon houses built on the slopes of the valley. When you are approaching to Uchisar town, you can easily notice the touristy crowd on the right side of the road. They are taking pictures of the first half of the pigeon valley and the old town of Uchisar town. The pigeon houses in that panorama are closer as the valley is narrower in the beginning. The other view point of the Pigeon Valley is the Esentepe area located on the way to Goreme from Uchisar town. There are many panorama cafes on the right side of the road. The view you get is totally different than the other side of the Pigeon Valley. It is because of the different type of volcanic ignimbrites on this side of the valley. The valley is wider in this area and there are more fairy chimneys to see unlike the first part of the pigeon valley. Popular Goreme town will be in front of you and the view will commence with the Red and Rose Valley’s in the East reminding you the Grand Canyon in US.

How to walk in the Pigeon Valley?

There are two paths in the Pigeon Valley. Due to the deep water erosion of the sedimentary rocks in the middle of the valley, it is not possible to continue all the way down to Goreme after starting from Uchisar Town. That enhances your walking experience as you will walk through the old town of Uchisar town to get back into the track. The old and new stone mansions of Uchisar will give you broad information about how the locals used to live in the old town and how investors are flooding money to the tourism industry and recreating the paysage of the town. After starting from the Pigeon Valley viewpoint, you will arrive to the outskirts of old Uchisar Town. Argos Hotel’s vineyards will appear on your left and the dirt track will take you up to the old town. You will have to find your way in through the boutique hotels of Uchisar town and walk by a few luxurious hotels. Don’t forget to enjoy the view on your right side as you enjoy the architecture of Uchisar town. The cobbled stone road will meet with the main road from Uchisar to Goreme. Before that intersection, you will notice a fairy chimney on the right side with and art piece across the house. The wooden pillars have terra cotta pigeons with various colors on top of them. It is a nice way of marking the entrance of the Pigeon Valley. When you walk in between the fairy chimney and the artistic pigeons, you will enter the second part of the Pigeon Valley. After one and half hours of walk, you will arrive to Goreme Village. A walk through Goreme is also recommended for more views of the volcanic Cappadocia landscape. While Pigeon Valley is one of the valleys our guests experience in our one-week walking program of Cappadocia, you can easily include a walk in the valley to one of our flexible Cappadocia tours.


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