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Sirince Village, 7 km away from Selcuk, is a settlement area with the opportunity to come and go from the region's tourism centers. Its road is asphalt and 350 meters above sea level. The foundation of the village goes back to the 5th century AD. Settling in the village, formerly known as Kirkinca-Cirkince (Ugly), is for several reasons. First, it protected the village from enemy dangers due to its mountainous and defensive nature; second, the people of Ephesusand Ayasuluk are away from malaria; The third is that its water is abundant, its soil is fertile, and its air is beautiful.

In some sources, the village's foundation coincides with the Aydınogullari period (14th century); According to another legend, it was in the time of the feudal lords. There are several rumors about where Cirkince's name came from. The most famous of these is that people asking for permission from their overlord to settle in another region say that the new place they find is too ugly not to envy the overlord.

With the liberation of Izmir, the population of the village started to decrease. In 1924, Turkish families from Thessaloniki and its environs started to settle in this village. The governor of İzmir, who came to visit the village in the 1920s, loved the village very much and, after spending some time, ordered the village's name to be changed to Şirince (Cute).

The village's architectural structure is different from other villages, and all houses have two floors of masonry,multi-window, and window sizes made at the same rate. The balconies were built as suspended balconies, and the basement was used as a pantry and kitchen. Window sides and eaves of the houses are decorated with painting and bird motifs. There are two churches in the village, a primary school with architectural features and a fountain, and nearly forty monasteries.

Tourism takes first place among the income sources of the village in recent days. Every month of the year, thousands of local and foreign tourists visit and take pictures, eat specially prepared patties, and drink house wine. The village's apple, cherry, peach, and strawberry wines are very popular because they are specially made at homes. Besides tourism, people earn their living by growing peaches, grapes, and apples.

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