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Where is the Castle of Uchisar?

Uchisar castle is marking the center of the Uchisar town. Cappadocia’s famous volcanic landscape is a triangle. Uchisar marks the western corner of this triangle along with Avanos in the north and Urgup in the east. While Uchisar town is just thirty minutes away from Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport, it is only one hour away from Kayseri Erkilet Airport. Uchisar Castle is dividing the new and the old towns of Uchisar. Modern Uchisar sits in the South West of the castle while the old Uchisar town encircles the castle from South to North. Old town is established on the Eastern façade of the castle and has phenomenal views of Cappadocia. The view you get from the castle top is breathtaking. It is highly recommended to climb on the top of Uchisar Castle to comprehend the size of volcanic Cappadocia.

When to climb to the Castle of Uchisar?

Uchisar Castle is a museum managed by the Municipality of Uchisar. Even if there is a parking lot right by the entrance, the area can be crowded to park closer to the castle. There is a big parking area in between the new and the old town. The narrow streets taking you to the castles entrance have very colorful souvenir shops. After getting your tickets from the office, you will have to climb a few hundreds of stairs to the top of the Castle. You will not rush and get tired on the way as the scenery will constantly stop you for pictures or just to admire the natural wonder Cappadocia. When you finally reach to the top, you will have a sense of the area of Cappadocia. The landscape seen from the castle is the popular center of Cappadocia. The region where we see similarities of Cappadocia culture is way bigger than what you see from the top of the castle. In fact, none of the settlements within your eye sight have been a capital in the history of Cappadocia until the republican era. You will see Nevsehir city on the West which is the center of the province of Nevsehir. Avanos town can be seen on the north of the Castle while Goreme looks like an extension of Uchisar from the top. The outskirts of Ortahisar and the castle there can be seen in the East. There is not much to see in the South because of lack of erosion there in the highlands. You will see farming lands and superficial mines collecting pomace to make light construction materials. The sunset you will get from the top of the Castle of Uchisar will be one of the highlights of your Cappadocia tour. I personally recommend you to climb to the castle of Uchisar in the afternoon after 3 PM. Sun almost gets to the South West of the Castle leaving beautiful light on the landscape of Cappadocia until the sunset. If you can reach to the top thirty minutes before the sunset, you will see the beautiful color changes of the Cappadocia landscape.


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