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Antalya is the most touristy city in the Republic of Turkey. More tourists enter our country from Antalya airport than Istanbul. The major attraction of Antalya city is the 640-kilometer long coastline with beautiful beaches and numerous 5 stars all-inclusive hotels. Besides the beaches, warm weather, delicious food, and world-class hotels, Antalya city is surrounded by wealthy Roman and Greek heritage. The ancient cities of Antalya are spread from the mountains to the coastline and attract tourists from all over the world. As the region is located in between the high Taurus Mountains and the warm Mediterranean Sea, there are many small streams running from the mountains to the water. Almost all streams and rivers have a waterfall on them attracting the tourists of Antalya city. The greenery and the cool waters of the waterfalls are so scenic and refreshing that some tourists spend more time by the waterfalls than the ancient cities. Here are our top 5 waterfalls of the Antalya region.

Kursunlu Waterfall

Kursunlu Waterfall is located only 22 kilometers from the city center of Antalya. Kursunlu Natural Park is a 2-kilometer long valley under protection. The park is open since 1986 and hosts millions of tourists every year like the other waterfalls of Antalya. You can take a nice short walk among the small ponds of the 8 small waterfalls of Kursunlu. The waterfalls from 18 meters and consist of 8 different waterfalls falling vertically to the pools underneath. As a result, locals called the waterfalls Kursunlu which stands for bulletin Turkish Language.

Upper Duden Waterfall

Upper Duden Waterfall is located 12 kilometers north of Antalya. It is only a 30-minute drive from the old city of Antalya. The topography of Antalya is rich in karst, especially dolomites and limestones. As a result of the nature of the karst, there are many underground streams, lakes, and sinkholes in the Antalya region. Duden is the most famous one of those. Because of the sinkholes, The Upper Duden Waterfall sinks almost 30 kilometers upstream of the Upper Duden Waterfall. It appears in the Kepez district of Antalya and creates a waterfall falling from 22 meters. The most impressive part of the Upper Duden Waterfall is the tunnels carved in the natural rock that winds from the top of the waterfall to the bottom. You can reach the back of the waterfall and take impressive pictures of the waterfall and the beautiful landscape the water runs. Upper Duden Waterfall's waters disappear in two more sinkholes until it meets with the Mediterranean Sea in Lower Duden Waterfalls. The park of the Upper Duden Waterfall is rich in infrastructure that you can fresh up in the cafes or shop for souvenirs in or around the park. The ancient mills used for olive oil making are worth seeing during your tour in the Upper Duden Waterfall park.

Lower Duden Waterfall

Lower Duden Waterfall is also a 30-minute drive away from the old city of Antalya. There is a beautiful park right next to the waterfall to see the waterfall meeting with the Mediterranean Sea. The Lower Duden Waterfall is falling from 40 meters from a tall cliff and the volume of water creates a misty area over the warm Mediterranean Sea which is more impressive to see from a boat departing from the port of Kaleici which stands for the old city of Antalya. If you are visiting the Lower Duden Waterfall from the cliffs, I highly recommend you to get there in the afternoon or in the evening to make better pictures as the sun will be behind your camera.

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat waterfall is the lowest but the most popular waterfall in the Antalya region thanks to its location. The waterfall is very close to the Ancient City of Side as a result tourists exploring Perge and Side ancient cities rejuvenate before going back to their hotels in Manavgat Waterfall. Even if the height of the waterfall is only 3 meters, it seems smaller thanks to the great volume of the Manavgat River. The park of Manavgat Waterfall is well-organized thanks to the municipality of Manavgat. I highly recommend a break in Manavgat waterfall to charge your batteries before visiting Side Ancient City because sunset is majestic by the columns of the Temple of Apollo of Side.

Ucansu Waterfall

Ucansu Waterfall is 70 kilometers away from Antalya city. Because of the dirt track taking you to the waterfall after the main Antalya - Alanya road, it is not the most popular waterfall among the tourists. The waterfall slowly flows over the karst rocks and creates the famous Kings pool which is a refreshing pond to swim in.

Degirmendere Waterfall

Degirmen means watermill in the Turkish language. The waterfall had a mill used by the locals. The park of Degirmendere waterfall is free to enter. The businessman of the waterfall created a little oasis with animals, landscape, and restaurants in the area which will make your children collect beautiful memories.

Sapadere Waterfall

Sapadere Waterfall is located in the Sapadere canyon which is a popular outdoor activity area for the tourists of Antalya and Alanya city. There is a nice walk in the canyon and the water running on the limestone created a few ponds that tourists love to refresh. Sapadere Canyon is located 175 kilometers away from Antalya but only 45 kilometers away from Alanya. We highly recommend taking a day around Alanya to see the famous castle and Damlatas Cave along with the Sapadere Canyon.


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