Why this title?

Termessos is located 34 kilometers away from Antalya city. It is located on the north on the way to Pamukkale, Denizli. However, thousands of tourists miss this beautiful ancient city due to their lack of time in Turkey. This is a great advantage for culture vultures as they can see a beautiful ancient city, in the middle of nowhere, on top of the mountains without tourist groups. After taking the challenging curvy roads taking you to the entrance of the Termessos Ancient city, you will see that my title is well deserved for this beautiful settlement.

Termessos was established by one of the oldest civilizations of Anatolia. It is located on the route from Mid West to the Mediterranean Coast. The high plains of Termessos, now called 'Gulluk Dagi Milli Parki' in Turkish was feeding thousands of people who were courageous enough to resist to the armies of Alexander The Great. 'I shall not waste my time with this eagles nest' he is believed to have uttered after giving up with this city. Eventually, he had to change his route not to mess with those brave hearths of Anatolia. He destroyed the fertile lands and olive trees of them though, leaving a barren land behind.

The city is not located by the warm Mediterranean waters but they used wooden oilways to transfer their produce to the coast, popular port city of the Lycian Union; Phaselis. Two ports of the Phaselis ancient city was trading their produce to the Mediterranean countries making Termessos richer and richer. The money earned was used to build a jaw dropping ancient city with a theater offering phenomenal views.

Even though Termessos survived many attacks, wars and sieges; she was finally deserted when her aqueduct was heavily destroyed by a severe earthquake. Never inhabited again, Termessos city was surrounded and hid by the nature which is awaiting her visitors.

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