CittaSlow was founded in Italy in 1999. In the same year, a meeting was held in Greve, Italy and 54 point charter was developed to evaluate future members of the organization. The main purpose of the CittaSlow is to protect the high quality local food and the local culture from globalization. In 2001, only 28 cities in Italy were members of the club. However, this number reached up to 14 countries with members of CittaSlow organization and national CittaSlow networks in Germany, UK and Norway. The very first North American city to be nominated to the club was in Canada; a small seaside village named Cowichan Bay. Today, CittaSlow has 264 members in 30 countries. Turkey has 14 members in the organization making her the 3rd biggest country in the club.

There are three categories of membership. A town can be a CittaSlow town, CittaSlow supporter or CittaSlow friend which technically stands for an individual or afamily living in that city. CittaSlow is a membership organization and towns should have populations less than fifty thousand. Besides, cities should score minimum %50 of the CittaSlow goals which is self-assessed by the cities. Membership is confirmed by the national network. The main aims of the network are;

  • Making life better for everyone living in an urban environment
  • Improving the quality of life in the cities
  • Resisting the homogenization and globalization of towns around the globe
  • Protecting the environment
  • Promoting cultural diversity and uniqueness of individual cities
  • Providing inspiration for a healthier lifestyle

The first city to join the club was Seferihisar in Turkey which became a member in 2010. 13 more cities became members since then. Here are the cities that are members of CittaSlow organization.

  • Akyaka
  • Eğirdir
  • Gerza
  • Gökçeada
  • Göynük
  • Halfeti
  • Perşembe
  • Seferihisar
  • Şavşat
  • Taraklı
  • Uzundere
  • Vize
  • Yalvaç
  • Yenipazar

For the first time in the world, a Turkish Collage has put Slowness courses to its 2019-2020 curriculum. The course will be given for the first time in the world by the Members of Cittaslow Scientific Committee in Turkey. To raise awareness among its students, Atasehir Adiguzel Vocational School has Human Rights, Animal Rights and 21st Century Skills courses compulsory in its curriculum. Slowness was added as a compulsory course to the curriculum of 2019-2020 and will be held two hours a week in all programs. The course book of the program was created by the Members of Cittaslow Scientific Committee in Turkey and CittaSlow international which includes ten chapters such as; Slow Philosophy, Slow Life, Slow Science, Slow Food, Cittaslow, Cittaslow Tourism, Slow Economy, Slow Travel, Slow Agriculture and Slow Tourism. The founder of the course is a member of CittaSlow Scientific Committee in Turkey who is also the director of the Adiguzel Vocational School. He stated that he was inspired by Harry Lewis who is a Harvard Undergraduate School Dean. Like him, we also try to encourage our children to make the best of their time rather than a rush this Global World is forcing us. We did our best to create itineraries for our clients in 2019 to get the best of the touristic destinations of our county and hope to host more people from across the globe to explore Turkey in a slowpace.