Highlights of Cappadocia

Me and my friends have been explaining the things to do in Cappadocia in this blog. After many pages of readings one can find that Cappadocia is so big to explore in a day. In fact it is true. However, the planet earth is bigger and majority of us are travelling within a short time frame. As we work to support our journeys, we need to fit the best and the most to our itineraries. Even the majority of the travel bloggers are racing with time here in Cappadocia. The luckiest are the photographers working for leading papers of the world as their companies usually avoid buying them a return ticket since you never know when you can make the right picture. Majority of our travellers book a daily trip from Istanbul to Cappadocia and do as much as they can in a day. People also learn about Cappadocia upon arriving to Istanbul. If well planned, even a daily trip from Istanbul can give you the feeling of Cappadocia. Would you like to learn how? Here is a list of the highlights of Cappadocia below...

  • One of the underground cities of Cappadocia
  • Goreme Open Air Museum
  • Pasabag aka Monks Valley
  • Devrent aka Imagination Valley
  • Uchisar Castle

All above can be seen in 5 hours without any problems yet racing against the time. For the underground city though, it is better to use Ozkonak which is closer to the attractions in above list. This will save time to see one or more things to enhance your only day in Cappadocia. According to your arrival and departure airport, any tour guide in Cappadocia can create a nice driving route for the above list so you can see the must see sites of Cappadocia in your limited time. Besides, if you have more than five hours, you can add these sites below to your itinerary and enjoy a nice cup of Turkish Coffee or breathtaking views of poetic Cappadocia landscape.

  • Love Valley Panorama
  • Panorama of Goreme aka Esentepe
  • Panorama of Uchisar Castle aka Cevizli vadi
  • Panorama of Pigeon Valley

If you want to spend the extra hours in a better way than just sitting and drinking coffee in a viewpoint surrounded by other tourists, I recommend you to visit the Zelve Open Air Museum. It is a big but well preserved ancient settlement in Cappadocia. It is similar to Imagination Valley as people carved their dwellings into the same ignimbrite layers. However, Zelve Open Air Museum is 3 times bigger than Imagination Valley yet used to have a village in it. The mosque, stalls, wineries and the grinding stone are still visible today as if people has just left the village. Republic of Turkey reloocated the Turks living there as the valleys lacked sewage system, running water and electricity. People were moved to a new village in between Imagination Valley and Zelve Open air Museum today. You can visit the museum after seeing the Goreme Open Air Museum and the Monks Valley and take a refreshing break underneath the tall trees. Little cafes there have Gozleme which is like Indian Nun. It is less spicy and stuffed by vegetables, potatoes or cheese which makes a beautiful healthy quick lunch when companied by a fresh orange or pomegranate juice. You can visit the Ozkonak underground city and the imagination valley afterwards and finish the highlights of Cappadocia less than a day. Rest of the time can be spent for photos before you hit the road back to the airport. Happy travels!

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