Istanbul is a unique city being the bridge between two continents, Asia and Europe. It has many spots to visit but in this post I’ll tell you about the Princes’ Islands. Its ancient name was Prinkipos;and the local name is Buyuk Ada meaning Big Island. Maybe the origin of this name is the size of it since it is the biggest among the other 4, Kinaliada,Heybeli Ada, Burgazada, Sedef Adasi and Buyukada (Princes’ Islands). When you take the ferry, you’ll stop by all of those islands and then you will reach the last and the biggest one, Princes’ Island. Especially during the summer season it is attractive for tourists. But if you don’t like too much crowd, I recommend you to visit her in September or even October.

How to go?

You can take the ferry from Eminonu, Karakoy,Kabatas or Besiktas if you are on the European side of Istanbul. If you are staying on the Asian side, you can take the ferry from Kadikoy, Üsküdar or Bostanci. The running time depends on the dock you depart from but the longest one takes at around 1,5 hours. But time flies with the company of the seagulls. Please don't forget the ferry timetable to be able to get back to Istanbul. You can visit the islands when there no tourists at all in winter however ferries are frequently cancelled because of weather conditiones.

How to explore the island?

  • The first one is to hike. You can tour the whole island on foot. It is a little bit tiring while you are climbing up but then when you are going down the hill, you’ll forget the uphills.
  • You can hire a bike for a small amount and usethat bike all day long.
  • Thethird way is phaeton (horse carriage). But this is not the highly recommended one. Because first of all you need to wait a long queue to take one especiallyduring the high season. Also, you don’t have the chance to take sharp and clear photos. If you are walking or cycling, you can stop anywhere you want and take the photos while having a deep breath. There are many old houses and beautiful views waiting to be captured. You don’t wanna miss it.

Not to miss...

There is the famous Aya Yorgi Church settled on the top of the island, dates back to 1900’s. You need to take the challenging road to the church. You can not reach there by horse cart. They drop you in the bottom of the uphill road ending by the church. If you have a bike, you can park it or you can carry it up of the hill. It is a little bit long and tiring way but worth the climb. There you can make a wish and have the greatest views of the island.


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