Eskikaraagac village is located in a penninsula on the Lake Ulubat nearby the touristy Bursa city. It is just two and a half hours drive away from Istanbul. Bursa is a world known tourist destination of our country. Being the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, Bursa is surrounded by a peerless green landscape which attract tourists from all over the world. Eskikaraagac village is back on the news again thanks to the nine year old friendship of a stork named Yaren and the fisherman Adem.

For the last nine years, Yaren the stork gets back to Eskikaraagac village and stops by the boat of the fisherman Adem first confirming the arrival of spring. They are fishing together which is a popular spring news broadcasted by all television stations. Last year, a documentary was conducted by Burak Dogansoysal which was awarded in Prague Fim Festival on January 18, 2020.

Nature photographer Alper Tuydes announced the 9th arrival of Yaren the stork from his twitter account with a picture of Adem the fisherman. However, Yaren made Adem twice happier this year by bringing his partner to the boat. Adem, like a grandfather was expecting Yaren bringing his nestlings. Yaren's partner seems a little bit timid to Adem the fisherman but he says she will get used to our companionship soon. He likes watching them fly off to their nests which is the same spot for the last nine years.

Photo by Alper Tüydeş @alpertuydes

Eskikaraagac village is a member of the European Stork Villages Network. The frienship of Yaren and Adem made the village famous among the nature lovers and even appear in the school books in Germany and Austria. Photographer Alper Tüydeş published the story of Yaren and Adem 5 years ago which brough a domestic fame to the village Eskikaraagac. Head of the village is also proud of the awareness of nature and human relationship this friendship brought to the village and the region.

Yaren was a week late this year which scared Adem Yılmaz and Alper Tüydeş. Good news arrived on March 5 and long time friends met again and was pictured by the photographer. We are also happier to see the fisherman and the stork together again and expecting a better spring for our country. I hope this good news will increase the awareness of the natural beauty for the surroundings of Bursa city, Eskikaraagac village and the lakes in the same area. The region is located in between the north of Aegean and south of Marmara regions of Turkey which is easily accessible with brand new highway from Istanbul to Izmir. Please dont hesitate to Contact us if you want to witness this beautiful friendship while traveling from Istanbul to Bursa or Izmir. You can also take a look at our Turkey Tours.