My husband and I wished to see the real Turkey. Erkan & Kidar made that happen for us. Amazing young men with lot of experience. Erkan works behind the sences and Kidar was our personal guide. He was very knowledgeable about all of Turkeys history, respectful of all religions, and showed us places normal tourist would never go. Nothing was too much, he always made sure we were happy and showed us great local food, we stayed in amazing boutique hotels, with lovely owners. We emailed them back and forward, nothing was too much. If you wish to visit Turkey you must contact these two. We had a most amazing adventure. Have no hesitations in recommending them to any one. Fantastic people. Erkan's wife also cooked us an amazing meal which totally blew us away at their hospitality.

Vicki BradshawVicki BradshawVisited Cappadocia, Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus, Pamukkale & Alacati with Kadir on August 2015

Kadir and Erkan have started business recently,and I have to say that they were excellent and attentive guides during our visit to Cappadocia.While we only used their driving and guiding services,I would not hesitate in recommending them for more comprehensive tourism advice.

Peter McMullinPeter McMullinCappadocia on September 2015

We got the referral from our hotel in Istanbul and we could not have been more pleased. Originally we booked for Cappadocia, and it was so successful and well-handled that we booked an unplanned trip to Ephesus. The guides were not only knowledgeable but personable as well, delightful to be with. A mix-up on my part was superbly fixed by Erkan and the Cappadocia trip rescued. He also took us to non-tourist sights, since he is from the area and knows the region around Cappadocia personally. The hotels he chose for us were great, with delicious food on top of beautiful views and attentive staff, not to mention comfortable beds. I'd recommend his services to anyone.

David Denekas & Michael SansingDavid Denekas & Michael SansingCappadocia and Ephesus recently

I travelled with my father of 86 years old to Cappadocia for two days. It amazed me that Kadir's immense knowledge about local history, geography, culture and social life, as well as political and economic situation of Turkey. The tour was very flexible, comfortable and informative. When Erkan, also graduated in tourism management, accompanied us to airport, he further shared his passion of providing the highest quality of travel plans for tourists. You can rely on their profession and assistance, experiencing unique, attractive and brilliant Turkey!

Phoebe YehPhoebe YehVisited Cappadocia on September 2015

Turkey Tour Organizer might be new (two years old) but they are the best travel company! They organized our whole trip (hotels, rental car, domestic flights, tours) to three locations in Turkey, and did our tour guiding in Cappadocia. All the recommendations for Istanbul and the Aegean coast were spot-on, and they were always available and very responsive to our requests. They were proactive about getting in touch when things got a bit politically messy in Turkey during our stay. (We've never felt safer on any trip, for the record.) The Cappadocia tour included a good mix of fascinating activities, geology, history, and culture. Once we were there, they even added in wine tasting and a visit to a carpet store at my request. The company is basically two people. We worked with Erkan, who was fantastic! He did our guiding in Cappadocia and was totally adaptable, friendly, and knowledgable about the area and eager to answer our questions about Turkey. It was like having a new Turkish friend. He even showed us his family's home. Turkey is a great place to visit, and with events this year tourism seems really down, which is a real shame. I would highly recommend Turkey and Turkey Tour Organizer for a great visit!

Akdas MAkdas MIstanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus & Pamukkale on August 2016