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  • Day 1

    Day 1

    Flight to Adiyaman to start your extensive, quick, but comfortable South-East escape. Watch the spectacular sunset over The Mount Nemrut National Park.

  • Day 2

    Day 2

    Visit the oldest temple of the world, Gobeklitepe, and see the world-famous Beehive Houses of Harran.

  • Day 3

    Day 3

    The world's biggest mosaic museum, Zeugma, and the phenomenal kitchen of Gaziantep await you today.

Express South East Anatolia
  • Mount Nemrut National Park
  • Septimus Severus Bridge
  • Sunset on Mount Nemrut
  • Gobeklitepe Excavation Site
  • Gaziantep Choppersmith' Bazaar
  • Zeugma Mosaic Museum
  • South East Anatolian Kitchen
  • Pistachio Baklava

Day 1 - Mount Nemrut National Park

Catch your flight from Istanbul to Adiyaman Airport in the morning. You will meet with your guide and driver at Adiyaman airport and start touring right away. Our drive will take around an hour to begin the tour of the Mount Nemrut National Park. We will first stop by the Karakus mound called Blackbird because of the black eagle statue standing on top of an ancient column. After a short walk around the mound, we will drive to Cendere Bridge, built to honor the Roman emperor Septimius Severus. Closed for traffic but open for pedestrians, we can walk on the ancient stones used by the Romans and the people of Kommagene in the past. A scenic 45-minute drive will take us to the top of Mount Nemrut. The top of the mountain is actually a tomb for the King Antiochus I Teos of Kommagene. The shrine is flanked by tall statues around 5-9 meters of Greek, Armenian and Persian gods and goddesses. We will walk around 600 meters to arrive at the shrine on the mountain top, and after a loop around the peak, we will be able to enjoy a memorable sunset over the Anatolian mountains. After the sunset, we will drive around 1,5 hours back to Adiyaman city overnight.

Day 2 - Gobeklitepe & Sanliurfa

After breakfast at our hotel, we will start driving to the south. The first stop will be at the Ataturk reservoir to see the Middle East's biggest dam and enjoy a cup of tea overlooking the Euphrates River. Our next stop is Gobeklitepe, which rocks most of the facts of the Archaeology. This shrine is believed to be the first temple of the world, dating back to the 10th Millennium BC. Now we ask the question; did civilization spark the religion? After a short walk around the excavation site under Mesopotamia's strong sun, we will drive to nearby Sanliurfa city for a break and have lunch by the holy Abrahams pool. Lunch will be followed by a short walk in the Abrahams sanctuary to visit the cave where Abraham was born and see the lake where he was thrown into the fire, which makes the city holy for many religions. Since the Armenian language is believed to be invented in Sanliurfa city, the city is considered holy by the Armenians. We will be able to explore the Sanliurfa bazaar before we return to our hotel. After a good rest, we will go out to enjoy traditional Kurdish folk music and dances whilst tasting the spicy southeast Anatolian kitchen. Overnight in Sanliurfa.

Day 3 - Zeugma Mosaic Museum and Gaziantep

After breakfast at the hotel, a two-hour drive will bring us to Gaziantep city, which is world-famous for its baklava and the mosaic museum housing a beautiful collection of Zeugma excavation site mosaics. We will first visit the Zeugma Mosaic museum to see the best-preserved mosaics of the Ancient Roman Empire before Christianity. Zeugma, meaning bridge in Greek, was established around the two banks of the Euphrates River. Because of the Roman legions and high ranked officials, a sophisticated life was developed in the city, which can be observed on the Gaziantep Mosaic Museum's mosaics. After enjoying the Hellenistic and early Roman art, we take a little walk for our lunch to taste the beautiful kebabs of Gaziantep city. Our lunch will be followed by a stroll to Gaziantep's old city to taste the world-famous baklava and hear the rhythm of coppersmiths’ hammers. After a Turkish coffee break in a historical tea house, we will drive to Gaziantep airport to catch your afternoon flight back to Istanbul or your next destination.

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