Bursa is the first capital city of Ottoman Empire and now the 4th biggest city of Turkey. People usually think it is a small copy of Istanbul with its bazaars, Grand Mosque and other tourist attractions; it is worth to give a visit though considering the historical importance of the city.

Textile industry is the main source of income for the city. I recommend you to visit Koza Han for a silk scarf or other memorable textile goods. Even a small piece will make you remember Bursa for alifetime.

Grand Mosque (ulu Camii) is located a stonethrow away from Koza han that should not be missed as well.

The city is famous with the world famous Iznik tile decorated mausoleums. The most famous one is the Green tomb below (yesil turbe in Turkish) which is the resting place of Osman I; founder of the Ottoman Empire. His brother also rests in this city. When the Ottomans moved their capital to Edirne and then to Istanbul, final resting places of the sultans had changed as well.

Another outstanding spot is Uludag, the famous mountain of Bursa and Marmara region. You can easily reach there by your car or a cable car. It is popular for skiing in winter and fresh up & camping in spring and summer.

To do list in Bursa;

  • Buying beautiful textiles such as towels or silk items.
  • Try any seasonal fruits grown all year around the city.
  • The huge plane tree in Inkaya village on the way to Uludag
  • Shopping and drinking coffee in Koza Han
  • Iskender Kebab; world famous whirling beef kebab of Anatolia served on a butter sauced pide bread and tomato sauce as a dressing.
  • Chestnut Candy!

How to get there?

Bursa is located 3 hours away from Istanbul and easily accessible with a private car. There are ferries to Yalova which makes public transaport easy for tourists on foot. Because of its location, you can easily add Bursa to your west coast or central Anatolian self drive itineraries by just staying one more night in Turkey. It is another 3 hours scenic drive from Canakkale and 4,5 hours drive or 50 minute flight away from Ankara.

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